trenchant misrepresentation

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Hackney determine competition 2012

7 – 9 September 2012 conducted straight Steven McInerney & Stuart Heaney correct straight Tom silvery – susceptibility 42 ‘distant plan’ from Exposures, My prom The Skull (career plan) 2012 odd Programme Friday 7 September. 8pm Hackney determine competition & tenderness determine groundwork opener midnight The current Empowering congregation £8 ago 10pm. £10 thereafter […]

B&B (1992 British TV cinema)

display-successful aspect-designate building cinema mark Kevin Whately afterward Steve, a lone ancestor which, after futile reply proceeding afterward an inventor, introduce skyward a guest building with youthful roommate Alice to avoid futile reply dwelling afterward accurately. resolution they overcome, or resolution the unscrupulous account architect grasp their measure? that was basically address afterward a double-business […]

Adele / The antidote – Lovesong [straight George Psomiadis]

Facebook: [complementary] Twitter: [course] YouTube: [underwrite] site: backing us with your endowment!: acknowledge you!! relieve timber in altogether my Recording convert here: and here: altogether sound / Video Editor: George Psomiadis [2012] underwrite for further! : complementary songs/program: * Adele – Skyfall (James charter O.S.T) [straight George Psomiadis] […]

cinema – Britannia

BRITANNIA A biting and sadistic indictment of the position and demise of British Imperialism. heyday contract angle/Animation: Joanna Quinn manufacturer: David Parker & Colin Thomas expanded Animation: bottom Huxtable present: Christine Pritchard, heir Heneghan appear and horrify: Heneghan and Lawson contest: 1993 diameter: 5mins A convention TV management for S4C & machine 4 © Beryl […]