assortment current fondle cave cruise: 10 Guinea Pigs & 1 hare

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The Guinea boar depot on Facebook:

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Guinea boar Supplies:

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Peartree Impressions:


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current fondle cave cruise:

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offer attention to For Calvin:

Weighing Guinea Pigs:

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Nightly method:

Mites procedure:

Bumblefoot Soak procedure:

How To cyclone A Guinea boar:

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Guinea boar vibration:

Taming money:

How To pluck upward & whack hook:

fodder Video:

Veggie Video:

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36 comments to “assortment current fondle cave cruise: 10 Guinea Pigs & 1 hare”

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  1. skinnypigs1 - 2017-08-30 Reply

  2. The Daredevils - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Prears to calvin

  3. Jenelle Daly - 2017-08-30 Reply

    My lps are for trad

  4. Kai Peel - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Skinny pigs looks like hippos

  5. Valerie Hernandez - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Where did you find the (not to be mean I just don't know the name of them) bald guinea pigs ?

  6. Tegan Smallwood - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Love your videos you are so inspiring πŸ˜πŸ’

  7. Tegan Smallwood - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Love your videos you are so inspiring πŸ˜πŸ’

  8. Kassandra Abraham - 2017-08-30 Reply

    I want one of them

  9. XX Taylor XX - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Is a 4 by 3 with a lift of 4 by 1 big enough for 2

  10. hapstr lover Ovdal - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Poor Calvin… I have one guinea pig myself!!! He's only one month old…his name is Zeek. And I'm TRYING to purswaid my parents to get him a buddy of coarse a male friend.

  11. Tracy Cook - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Hi I'm intrigued by the bald piggies is that by accident ? Ilvoe the age of Calvin never realised they could live that long. I would like a Guinness pig can they live on own ? Really only want 1. How did you make all the lovely cages did you make hay bags and all other great things

  12. Harley Harris - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Why do they not have fur ?!!!!

  13. A-kino Memes - 2017-08-30 Reply

    that is so cool and creative

  14. Alicia T - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Do you have to keep guinea pigs in pairs?

  15. horse lover - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Awwwww poor guy 😎

  16. horse lover - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Not to be yood or anything. I don't like the naked ones😨😨

  17. Galaxy Stars 101 - 2017-08-30 Reply

    I miss calvin

  18. gallery piece - 2017-08-30 Reply

    i'm driving to pick up a pair of female guinea pigs, they were born from the same litter, and they've lived together forever. they're 4 years old as well. i am so excited to get them πŸ™‚ i love your channel because there's so much information about guinea pigs.

  19. lps rule - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Why are some of them boled are dont have much hair? I didnt watch the whole video yet

  20. Eydna Mortensen - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Your pet room is lovely. No doubt that you love your pets <3
    Love your channel πŸ™‚ Hugs from Denmark

  21. Wolferana - 2017-08-30 Reply

    I feel bad or the hairless ones cause they are probably cold

  22. strudelnessboy - 2017-08-30 Reply

    I currently own one four month old male guinea pig and I was looking to get him a cage mate. I understand that two males guinea pigs can sometimes be difficult to introduce because of a dominance factor. I was looking up online to buy another male guinea pig. Does a neutered male guinea pig have less of a dominant mental attitude?

  23. Laura Elsmore - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Does the air purifier help with smell and allergies because the smell of my two guneia pigs one hedgehog and four hamsters urine gives me severe migraines but I can't bring myself to part with them

  24. Flint Lockwood - 2017-08-30 Reply

    When you know your lonely

  25. Jamie F - 2017-08-30 Reply

    this is all so great but I would say buy more carpets its not good for rabbits to walk on vinyl its not good for their feet.

  26. Angie Botello - 2017-08-30 Reply

    I love your pets

  27. Celine Song - 2017-08-30 Reply

    So cute

  28. Celine Song - 2017-08-30 Reply

    So cute

  29. Scarlian kitty - 2017-08-30 Reply

    I have two guinea pigs ( angle & fudge ) and I have two bunnies ( springy & spirit ) and a cat ( Henry ) ❀️

    ….too many?

  30. Keeley rock - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Ther such cool cages

  31. Marilyn Tracy - 2017-08-30 Reply

    I want money

  32. Marilyn Tracy - 2017-08-30 Reply


  33. Tae & Juicy !! - 2017-08-30 Reply

    What type of guinea pigs is those πŸ˜‘πŸ’€β€οΈthey cute but weird

  34. Melissa Still - 2017-08-30 Reply

    do you hold your pets and I think it is ok what you are doing

  35. Ryan Petersen - 2017-08-30 Reply

    come on calvin

  36. Heather Burns - 2017-08-30 Reply

    The skinny pigs are so cuite

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