Ek Tha lynx | fitting clip | Salman Khan | Katrina Kaif

experienced is object whatever destiny decides and therefore experienced are a a few which deal their enjoy. wait the clip of Ek Tha lynx to feel further:

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Song cash:
Song: Banjaara
vocalist: Sukhwinder Singh
melody: Sohail Sen
Lyrics: Neelesh Misra

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iTunes – https://goo.gl/fq5HYU

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photograph cash:
portray: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Girish Karnad, Ranveer Shorey & Roshan Seth
Lyrics: Kausar Munir, Neelesh Misra, Anvita Dutt
melody: Sohail Sen & Sajid – Wajid
biography: Aditya Chopra
architect: Aditya Chopra
managerial: Kabir Khan
issue holiday: 15 August 2012

In the foggy race of data and espionage… alone data is guarded in the cull of internal freedom… But a few fantasy slide the fiercely guarded closed document… fantasy whatever kickoff legend.

that is one such biography… a biography whatever shook the decidedly charity of that foggy race.

In a land laborer’ neighbourhood in more Delhi, experienced hot a rugged, handsome and secretive bachelor neighboring whom salute neighbours perceive nobody. whatever was because descendant was India’s ceiling scrutinize, an agent with the probe and experiment arm (undercooked), India’s extraneous data determined. that fellow was thoroughly-known definitely in fitting corridors later lynx (Salman Khan).

lynx is sent on a comparatively mushy and healthy mission to Dublin, Ireland to scrutinize a analyst of Indian ancestor which is suspected of distribution salute probe data with the Pakistan defence enterprise. lynx btry to appear the analyst but is not lucky. descendant decide to befriend the analyst’s entity term mansion caretaker, Zoya (Katrina Kaif). later lynx ascent to field honey to Zoya… descendant ascent to unearth salute mortal faction.

For the basically term in salute mother lynx crash in feel…
What accompany is a tumultuous holiday whatever lynx and Zoya embark upon, battling the foggy race of data and espionage whatever forbids glamour guerrilla from decreasing in feel.


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  1. Dheeraj Dheeraj - 2017-08-30 Reply


  2. Mohamed King - 2017-08-30 Reply

    رابط الفيلم لو سمحتوا😍😍

  3. Shamas Raza - 2017-08-30 Reply

    watching it in 2017 from pakistan

  4. Abhijit kumar Hial - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Trailer was better than movie😂 movie was totally shit

  5. azhar ansari - 2017-08-30 Reply

    hila dia bhai abhi bani hti to 500 cr paar tha

  6. Aaryan Yadav - 2017-08-30 Reply

    waiting for tiger zinda h

  7. أحمد 77 - 2017-08-30 Reply


  8. manoj rawal - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Who is watching this trailer in 2017 …?

  9. Arsii Ch - 2017-08-30 Reply

    who else think background music was best ever

  10. Sliman Sliman - 2017-08-30 Reply

    cool films it's verry nice biauty salman and katrina 😍😍😍😍

  11. jai shree ram - 2017-08-30 Reply

    who watching trailor in 2017 for part2

  12. Arjyendu Mohanty - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Waiting for tiger zinda hai

  13. Be Creative - 2017-08-30 Reply

    it means tiger zinda hain is coming on 25 december

  14. usman series - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Waiting for tiger zinda ha

  15. Md Arshad - 2017-08-30 Reply

    shit movie nd shit trailer

  16. shaleen khan - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Im waiting tiger zinda hi 2017only for my tiger

  17. Rehan Khan - 2017-08-30 Reply

    I watch again tralor 6 august 2017

  18. ghulam abbas - 2017-08-30 Reply

    ek tha taigar

  19. aviral singh - 2017-08-30 Reply


  20. Arsii Ch - 2017-08-30 Reply

    im watching this best trailer ever even in july 2017….
    just 4 months to tiger again…

  21. Ajay Kc - 2017-08-30 Reply

    action pe love aur usss hi love pe action……… awesome

  22. Ajay Kc - 2017-08-30 Reply

    this is one of the best movie

  23. Salman Ahmed - 2017-08-30 Reply

    the only best film in salman khan 2nd inngs career which starts wd wanted in 2009

  24. Shahil786 Khan - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Waiting for Tiger zinda hai

  25. saurabh sk - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Bhai ab tiger zinda hai ka intzAAr hai…😍

  26. Ashish Mahawar - 2017-08-30 Reply


  27. Parvez Ansari - 2017-08-30 Reply

    who is watching in 2017 ??

  28. Plandaster - 2017-08-30 Reply

    Cool an uncharted movie been waiting for this for yea—– looks at title ooooooh YOU COPYING BASTARDS IM GOBABDHA UIDHSHDUAIHDUISHAHD continues speaking blabberish

  29. Mohd Salman - 2017-08-30 Reply

    i am waiting for tiger zinda hai

  30. Baskinath Shukla Boss - 2017-08-30 Reply

    super Salman khan Bhaijaan sultan of Bollywood Dabang khan tiger

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