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In that hilarious snip, a subdue capture a time ever narrow for cool when father investigate to gain treats from a insufficient companion far-flung a car.

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  1. emmadaly28 - 2018-03-21 Reply

    I'm a house cat I swear after a bong hit I can type and speak English for 60 sec meow meow meow

  2. Ncyim - 2018-03-21 Reply

    Not funny. Poor parental protection there.

  3. TCA1999 - 2018-03-21 Reply

    The Zebra is just like waiting for it's food barely touching the window, where the cow is more lile, fuck it! Just get in the car, grab the food, and i'm gonna go have some more fun with the next car turning up.

  4. imnotu24 - 2018-03-21 Reply

    Lmao did anyone else watch this over and over and over again? So cute and funny, his shriek xD its like he thought a dinosaur was coming in thru the window, but it was just a cow lol

  5. Tasha Robinson - 2018-03-21 Reply

    casual zebra walks by…

  6. SmileeBandit - 2018-03-21 Reply

    LMAO!!! Yuckie….. Yuckie thing!!!

  7. DevinC - 2018-03-21 Reply

    that snort at the end

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