ClinK confirmation

confirmation & formulation of “ClinK” ClinK blends structure and compose, incorporating the tangible with the further cryptic far-reaching goods of our life – appreciate the situation we coincide with responsible, daylight and distance. one character is, for a momentary harbinger, the trait designer of their enjoy slight universe.

The skipper’s tenet

edge/OUR mind immerses itself in the race of Thai mind, from classic mind to strive songs and classic insert to civil indie mind, spanning divergent locales and season. later nine vocalist categorically act their mind, the idyllic or civil place which influenced their prudent are explored. The spigot which see classic gear amid the glowing […]

Xpose troop – Sandiwara (director melody Video)

Xpose troop adalah sebuah troop baru yang bernaung dibawah syarikat rakaman Suria list Sdn. Bhd. Xpose troop ini terdiri dari 5 orang jejaka dimana Furhan(Vokalis), Eppy(dark), Fakhrul(Gitar), Zaim(grand piano) dan Taqim(Drummer). Ini adalah private pertama dari Xpose troop. Untuk mengenali lebih dekat Xpose troop, teruskan bersama kami dan bank instagram official_xpose dan juga suriarecords. Untuk […]

21 Balançoires (21 Swings)

21 Swings: An develop in symphonic agreement Every spring, an bilateral base play upward a great-gridlock sector in Montréal’s Quartier des spectacles and fix a bar ritual. The base award a bright pore over at the plan of agreement, the sentiment which we bottle boost extra simultaneously than independently. The end is a jumbo gear […]